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ron millonario
extra old "xo"

taste the greatness

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a sweet
in a warm

A complex rum distilled slowly with old stills to retain the warm, sugary and tropical aromas, then aged up to 20 years. Its soft character, creamy body and rich but delicate bouquet are appreciated by connoisseurs, for a warm and embracing sensory experience. It’s particularly popular among our female customers also thanks to the stylish and distinguished perfume-like bottle: perfect for a gift or for showcasing in a liquor cabinet.

how it smells

  • tropical fruit
  • dried fruit
  • cigars box
  • cinnamon & pastries

how it tastes

  • fig
  • dates
  • cloves
  • toffee

so thin
you’ll feel
only the taste
We have created a unique tasting glass exclusively handmade for Ron Millonario by the traditional Venetian craftsmen of the Zafferano glassware company. It shape is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, with a round and pleasant shape and the perfect volume for an ideal sipping experience. Its thin glass (but with a thicker bottom for stability) lets you appreciate the deep
amber colour, and its profile which
becomes narrower towards the rim is
perfect to enhance the sweet and warm aromas of Ron Millonario.

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so big
it fits the greatness

RON MILLONARIO XO is now available in a new large format, exclusive to the best retailers and most elegant establishments: a magnum-size 150cl decanter made in France, more than twice the standard bottling. The large stopper is made from whole cork, to ensure perfect closure over time. Housed in a ‘made in Italy’ genuine leather (with authenticity stamps) gift box, for extra luxury and exclusiveness.

img Magnum

it Casts a
dark spell
on you
Valrhona is a French luxury chocolate manufacturer based in the small town of Tain-l'Hermitage. It sponsors the Ecole du Grand Chocolat cooking school, and it relies on long-term collaborative relationships with planters and chefs of high-end restaurants

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