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light and easy,
fresh and sweet

ron millonario
10 aniversario

a fragrant
olfactory palette

Warm amber in colour, it has an easy and never aggressive nose. Candied oranges, bergamot tea, vanilla and a hint of cola nut are its main aromas. At the palate, it’s lighter and fresher than the older expressions: mainly it tastes of chestnut and acacia honey, candied oranges and citrons and sultana raisins. Slightly hidden, but still evident, are nuts, chocolate, desiccated plums and apricots. Only at the end a peppery sting from the alcohol becomes just noticeable.

how it smells

  • vanilla
  • bergamot
  • candied
  • honey

how it tastes

  • apricots & desiccated plums
  • cola nut
  • orange
  • raisins