Every story has a beginning

In 1904, in northern Peru, the Hacienda Agrícola de Chiclayo was founded in Chiclayo, a small settlement between the sea and the mountains known as the ‘city of friendship.’

Here, a group of farmers united to trade their sugar, and to this purpose they built, at great personal sacrifice, a small refinery.

a restless man and his vision

In 1922, the family of Peruvian landowners Piera de Castillo, whose head was Don Rolando, bought the hacienda, the refinery and the vast sugar cane plantation from the Gutiérrez family.


While there was plenty of raw material, the technology was elementary.

The lack of technical know-how meant that the sugar cane and all its potential could not be fully harnessed.

The workforce, coming from the local inhabitants around the hacienda, was also poorly prepared.

taking the best of both worlds

In 1933 Don Rolando send his eldest son Augusto to study chemical engineering at Cambridge University.

In the summer of 1938, a ship destined for Peru left London, carrying the precious cylinder mill machinery for the sugar and for the distillation a Scottish column still.


The 1950 was an unforgettable year for the young Augusto Piera de Castillo: Ron Millonario was born officially.

The rum was the fruit of hard work, but since few could afford to sample it, it acquired the name "por los millonarios", in acknowledgement of that exclusive club of individuals wealthy enough to buy the spirit and enjoy its unique charm.


In search of new products, Fabio Rossi landed in Peru in 2004, and discovered a warm, rich product that was a pleasure to drink. He had stumbled upon a genuine treasure of Peru.

The Rossi Brothers’ continued belief in the products has begun to pay dividends. Ever more highly rated by experts from around the world, Millonario can count itself among the bests.